Celebrated for her visually stunning and female-driven films, writer/director Danishka Esterhazy has delighted audiences around the world with her haunting stories. Danishka is a graduate of the National Screen Institute and the Canadian Film Centre. Her debut feature, Black Field, won the Best Feature Drama award at Vancouver’s Women in Film Festival and the Best Canadian Feature award at Toronto’s Female Eye Film Festival. Her second feature, H&G, was released theatrically by MultipleMedia Entertainment and broadcast on The Movie Network. She is currently preparing to shoot her third feature, Level 16, with Markham Street Films. Esterhazy splits her time between Canada and California.

Representation: Jordan Drage, Integral Artists.

“Esterhazy demonstrates a strong grasp of visual storytelling, understanding that a gesture or simple insert can convey all necessary meaning.”
~ Uptown Magazine

“Esterhazy’s skill behind the camera is evident — [Black Field] is a gorgeous movie.”
~ Linda Barnard, The Toronto Star

“Writer-director Danishka Esterhazy gets the feel of rugged prairie life just right.”
~ Variety

“Esterhazy uses the prairie setting to her full advantage, filling time and space with breathtaking visuals that immerse the viewer while mirroring the inner workings of the characters.”
~ Row Three

“With Black Field, [Esterhazy] announces herself as a Canadian filmmaker to watch.”
~ Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press



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